VoIP Phone Support

VoIP Phone Support in La Ronge, SK

Does your business use or need a dedicated system using Voice-over-IP Phone in La Ronge, SK or surrounding areas? DigitalMODE can help transition your old analog phone system into a new digital system. VoIP PBX Software allows your business to route calls, provide information to callers, forward to cell phones, and move your phone to your home-office when you’re working from home.

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Digital Assistant

Setting up an digital assistant on your VoIP Phone System allows customer to choose who they would like to talk to.

Cloud-Based PBX

All of our PBX Solutions are Cloud Hosted, so all you need to do is plug your phone into an internet connection and start calling!

Software Solutions

If you don’t care for having a physical desk phone to use, you can send and receive calls to your business directly from your mobile phone.

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About DigitalMODE

DigitalMODE Tech Solutions is a privately owned La Ronge, Saskatchewan based IT Solutions company that provides IT Support for Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Manitoba. With over 10 years experience in the Technology Industry – DigitalMODE provides exceptional support for businesses and to the general public.


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